Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HGTV 2012 Green Home...

My BF Noelle is a very busy realtor with Keller Williams so when she got the opportunity to tour the HGTV home at a discounted rate, she dropped everything and took me with her!  Love that girl!!
The home is located in Serenbe which is about 15 minutes from our back door.  This small town boasts a huge arts community with amazing restaurants, unique shopping, galleries, a top rated spa, and bed & breakfast.  A great place to go if you are trying to impress company.
This stone feature is probably my favorite part of the house... well 2nd favorite.  Wait to you see the counter tops!!
Must wear your booties in the house!
LOOK at this counter top!   OMG!  I have to have this in my next renovation or house.  It is polished concrete with shells and brown beer bottles embedded into the surface.  Stunning.
The Dining Room & Living Room
Another section of Living Room
The Master Bedroom was so tiny.. it would be hard but I could learn to love the cozy feel.
I was happy to see one of our Kantha throws at the end of the bed.
This room we dubbed the Georgia room because it was black & red.  It was a covered porch right outside the patio.  So relaxing.
This unique light fixture looked like it was made from sticks and extension cords.
2nd bedroom upstairs.
Kids room with stairs leading to a TV nook.
2 washers & dryers were in this house.. one for upstairs (shown) and one for the Master.  Overall a great little house!  This house was one of HGTV give aways homes with house, furniture, car and an extra $100,000 as the main prize.  I sure wish I had registered more than 1x now that I've toured the house.  Still.. wish me luck!


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