Sunday, November 13, 2011

Encaustics 101

Well I did it!!!  My first teaching gig is now under my belt and I have 2 more classes to look forward too.  I was actually spoiled because I had an amazing group of artists that were not scared to use the "tools of the trade" that would be a blow torch, razor blades, hot wax, etc!  I think all the art turned out amazing and I am looking forward to my next class!

Here you see Gay (using blow torch), Leigh (using razor blade), and Sara (painting with hot wax)

Here is a close up shot of Gail's work in progress.. love those yellow flowers!

Our youngest students.. Olivia, 12 and Ansley, 13.

I was working along right beside them... the top painting was the demo and the bottom was the sample.  The class was suppose to last 2 hours but it actually went 3.  I will have to work on getting that down a bit..oops.  The great thing about the wax is that it dries immediately so everyone had a finished piece at the end of the class.  Here you see Sara's beautiful red poppies.

Gay also did the red poppies.. I'll have to try that next!

Gail had yellow poppies with the most beautiful blue background.

Mother and daughter art duo... Leigh and Ansley.  For first timers they rocked it!

Thank you again for coming and making it so easy for me!!  The next two classes at Corner Arts Gallery will be November 16th from 10-12ish and November 30th from 10-12ish.  If you are not already, become a fan on facebook to find out about other art classes I may be teaching in the future.

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