Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sweet Poppies... goodbye for now

“The poppy opens her scarlet purse of dreams.” -Scharmel Iris

I found that quote earlier this morning before I headed off for my final Poppies Encaustic class.. what a wonderful way to finish this great series!!  I had my second Mother & Daughter team in this class today.  Niki (pictured standing below) and her mother Renee (not pictured) were so dang cute.  This class was an earlier birthday present for Renee so Happy Birthday!!  I hope you two had fun.  Janice (pictured sitting) was my first scaredy cat in all three classes.  She didn't want to use the blow torch.. she was perfectly content using the heat gun only. 
pictured below is Janice's work in progress.. I love how the red pops off the blue background.
Niki's masterpiece is below.. she opted not to add leaves.  I love how all the paintings were so unique.
And Renee's painting is pictured below.  I love how she had a bud as one of her flowers.  I want to just pluck them out of her painting and stick them into a vase.
Overall I think I added 3 more happy campers to my list!!  Niki and I counted all the poppy paintings that I have assisted with over the past 3 classes... 18!!!  So as you can imagine, I am done with these beauties and look forward to the Birds next week.

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