Monday, December 5, 2011

Mosaic Monday

I have a new found love for the chevron pattern.. maybe because it is a series of the letter "V" or maybe because it reminds me of making friendship bracelets when I was younger.  Either way, the chevron has inspired me to create some new jewelry for Gillyweed and has helped me tweak my logo by adding colorful accents... Suncoast Style!  I found this blog helpful for creating the chevron pattern.. maybe it will inspire you too.
working on some new jewelry pieces

new logo.. seen all over my new earring cards.

new scarves with chevron pattern coming in next week to the Gillyweed booth

And for Mosaic Monday.. here are some of my favorite Chevrons found on Pinterest!

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  1. These are charming entries and the cat looks so comfortable on the very warm looking floor. Happy Mosaic Monday