Monday, December 12, 2011

Mosaic Monday

Is it bad that it is December 12th and our tree is still not decorated??  Shame on me! If I could close my eyes and dream up the perfect Christmas decor for my house, it would be similar to this...
I just ADORE the old fashion, colonial Williamsburg holiday traditions.  Actually, according to, it is a misconception that fruit was used to decorate holiday doors in the American Colonial period. According to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, it wasn't until 1939 that della Robbia-style wreaths became popular in the historic town's Christmas decorations.  Luca della Robbia was an Italian sculptor during the 1400s who was well-known for his fruit themes.  The fruits and foliage used on much of the Renaissance Italian sculpture work influenced the stylists at "House Beautiful" magazine in 1926.  Wreaths and swags were filled with fruit for holiday decorations.

The pineapple arrangement above the door proclaims hospitality to all who enter.

Oh maybe a trip to Williamsburg may be in my near future.. if it weren't so dang cold!  After I decorate my naked tree today, I may attempt one of these topiaries instead.  So pretty!!


*Forgot to mention that I am joining the link up over at Little Red House for Mosaic Mondays.  Check out the other blogs over there for some more wonderful Monday treasures.


  1. tht wreath with feathers is GORGEOUS!

  2. I love the old fashioned decorations, to! Happy holidays! ♥

  3. The Williamsburg style is so beautiful. Years ago we were there at Thanksgiving and saw some of the Christmas trimming - your mosaic is lovely.