Friday, March 2, 2012

Bonjour Monsieur Lapin... Madame Lapin!  Easter is just around the corner (April 8th) and we have a few familiar faces popping up in the Gillyweed booth, Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit.  This year they are in their Sunday best, foiled and ready to be put out on display. 
16" rabbit $26.95 each
12.5" rabbit (shown above) $16.95 each
8" rabbit (shown above) $9.95 
How about Easter candles in the shape of a pear?  Assorted colors in large, $6.95 and the new mini size, $2.95.  The larger ones have no scent whereas the minis have a slight pear scent.
Also joining our party this year are these adorable party chicks @$6.95 each/ 3 assorted styles.
Another incredible gift idea are these handmade driftwood crosses.  Each cross is individually hand crafted out of found driftwood, and decorated with beautiful seashells, coral, starfish, and sea glass.  $22 each.

You can purchase any of these items in the Gillyweed booth inside The Vintage-Flea which is located in downtown Newnan.  If you need them shipped, you can reach me directly at


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