Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 10... The Color of your Neighborhood

Next on my list is the color of your neighborhood... that was not hard to find at all!  Everything is in bloom and my favorites right now are these forsythia bushes that I always pass on my morning walk.
Now that it is (usually) over 60 degrees, I have come out of my cave and have picked up my walking routine with my BF Noelle.  She laughs at my aversion for cold weather since she is from the North. Those darn Yankee's!!  We truly are lucky to have the most beautiful subdivision to walk in...
Lake Redwine with over 300 acres of gorgeous lake views.
Those are my knobby knees.. can you hear them creaking from lack of exercise this winter?  Another great reason to exercise is to hang out with this guy in the mornings.. Noelle's walking partner named Duke.
So that's it for week 10...Enjoy!!

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  1. Looking forward to being a new homeowner in Lake Redwine and join you walkers...one Yankee to another!