Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Week 13... The Color of Inspiration

The outside of our building is getting a major face lift with new windows, transoms, door and a good ol' cleaning.... the inside is seeing a few changes too.
My project this week was inspired by a display at Anthropologie (confession- my inspiration usually comes from this store!)  I loved how they tiled one wall in the "bathroom" section of their store.
I also drew inspiration from a store in Atlanta called Boxwoods.  Recently they opened up an annex across the street which features a lot of home goods & accessories.  I really loved how they added shutters to their niche.  So off I went scouring my local haunts for little glass tiles and shutters.  The shutters I found at my salvage yard for $5 each!!  Tiles were found at Floor & Decor in Fayetteville.
Do you remember the before??  The bookshelves were hidden inside this conference room.  The original plan was to tear down all 4 walls in the conference room but then I remembered my two inspirational photos from above.  Save the shelves!!!!!  I still have the other side to do and add the grout but you can see how great it is going to be...

What inspired you this week?


  1. Everything looks greate! I love these tiny tiles. The color is just amazing! If, (a big IF) we ever redo the bathroom I want to incorporate something like this. Of course by then I'll be too old to enjoy it.

  2. Your shop is going to be amazing! So happy for you! Love watching the progress and I can't wait to see it all come together!

  3. This is SO exciting I can hardly stand it! Your shop is going to be so pretty Valerie. It might be hard for you to leave it every night! lol