Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 11... The Color of a Challenge

This week is all about a challenge....10 canvases to paint in one week.  Why?  The Spring Art Walk will be on March 23rd this year in downtown Newnan and I want to put a few of my Encaustic paintings on display in the Gillyweed booth.  You see with all the activity going on with the future store, I haven't had the opportunity to paint!!  So time to bust a move and get back into my studio. 
My goal is to get the little 8x8 Shelf Sitters done over the next few days.  My inspiration this time around is the color wheel and these beautiful images found on Pinterest.
I'm just loving how these colors blend so beautifully together!  Hope to see you next Friday on Main Street for Art Walk.


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  1. Don't forget to post pictures of the finished products....