Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Issue and Big News

The Jeanne d'Arc Living Spring issue (#3) has finally arrived stateside with great news! The company is trying to capture a larger market here in the USA by absorbing the shipping fee for a year. Won’t you help them achieve their dream of growing an audience to the point where they can print in the U.S.?
The price will now be $14.00 an issue.  OMG that is huge- a $10 savings. 
Jeanne D'Arc Living is a Danish Indie magazine that successfully challenges the way romantic lifestyle publications are done.  It is truly like purchasing a very good book every month.  It is translated to English, free of advertising, and printed on heavy paper. Available only at Gillyweed!!


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  1. Oh, wow, I've been looking for this magazine to show up in American stores for years, so I'm happy to hear you will stock it! I work just a few doors down from your new place, so if you'll shoot me an e-mail when it's available (angela at newnan dot com), I'll be right over. Thanks!